Little Z and me at Thank you Nature cafe at Hongdae
Little Z and me at Thank you Nature cafe at Hongdae
Having a moment in Myeong-dong Poem cafe :)
Having a moment in Myeong-dong Poem cafe 🙂

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I have been to Korea many times but this time is a first with my 1.5 year old and for anyone with kids that age would understand it’s an age where they are old enough to run away but too young to be occupied by technology such as ipad, colouring books, stickers, anything…they just want to run around and touch everything there is around them. Refuses to sit down and worst of all, doesn’t understand anything you have to say or more like choose to ignore your commands. Given our love of food in Korea, my husband and I were determined to visit Seoul once again with our baby, we decided to brave this trip out and make it a different kind of trip whereby we will be kids café hopping instead of adult café hopping. So here goes, enjoy my blog, I hope you find it useful and perhaps change your mind about travelling to Seoul with a baby as it certainly has changed my friends' minds, Be amazed at how baby friendly Seoul is!

As I am a bit of a Foodie from Sydney myself, I will also be sharing some of my favourite food places which we also brought little Z to, which I recommend visiting if you are a Foodie yourself. Some were not baby friendly but perhaps some of my tips and tricks to getting there with a baby may help. After all, no baby is going to get in the way of my food!

My last note, for those wondering if Seoul is safe. You will surprised to know that we actually visited on the week Trump decided to do "that" Tweet that agitated North Korea. Yes, North Korea. Without going into all the details and politics, yes we were very safe in Seoul. Despite all the negative news we checked with the hotel, monitored the news and asked friends' opinion, and in the end decided it would be safe to go. So glad we did as it was just news blowing it all up. I noticed CNN kept interviewing various "experts" on the issue and recycling Trump's tweet. Although the Tweet didn't help during the week we were due to fly out, overall we thought would be safe. It would be as safe as any other country where everyone should be cautious of their surrounding when travelling. So if you are still wondering, whether to go, check out the current situation, research, then make an informed decision. Good luck! 🙂

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Being a Mom or Dad, I bet you can't wait to check out Seoul's Kids Cafe! Click here!