Nappy changes on-the-go in Seoul

Keeping up with Baby Z in Myeong-dong
Keeping up with Baby Z in Myeong-dong

Nappy changes on-the-go when in Seoul

Generally, if you are near a main shopping building or subway, there should be baby change-rooms. Seoul is quite baby friendly in that way. However if you are walking through the restaurants, boutiques, parks etc and there is just no baby change rooms, I have a tip.

Do it in the your pram. 🙂 This is how I do it:


  1. Firstly, find a quiet area where there isn't much traffic or a corner where it faces somewhere there isn't traffic. eg. Behind a car. (Obviously with a quiet corner, make sure you are safe and have two adults there too).
  2. Put the pram as flats as you can.
  3. Put the pram liner on the pram
  4. Put baby in the pram and you know the rest!

I have done it three times like that while in Seoul and it wasn't too difficult. Once I did it indoors outside an adults bathroom as they didn't have a baby change room but an adult's bathroom so I just did it outside the bathroom so it is away from public's eyes.

Baby Z with his Baby Zen Yoyo stroller
A mini courtyard in front of Savoy Hotel

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