Best baby bag for travelling

Baby Combi Bag

I am totally in love with this Baby Combi bag. Only cost me $50 instead of the usual tag price of a baby bag. We used this for everyday use and we also take it with us for holiday. For the pure reason that it is light and can expand to fit A LOT!

I have used this bag since Baby Z was a little infant until now as it can fit everything you need during the day so that means it will last you the whole day while holidaying. We also take this onto the plane with us.

The things I can put in at its maximum:

  • x3 Baby Bottles
  • x1 Baby powder container that has three compartments
  • x1 large packet of tissues
  • x1 packet of face wet wipes
  • x1 packet of disinfectant wet wipes for tables
  • x1 nappy wet wipes
  • a change of clothes
  • a water bottle
  • x4 nappies
  • x1 packet of puree food
  • x1 large hot water flask

Of course, these days we no longer need to bring the hot water flask or that many bottles but during his infant days, that's what we were able to do.

And yes, I was and am still OTT with the wipes. I have a few different wipes for different purposes - bump, face, tables and tissues.

I couldn't find one in Amazon for you to click and check it out. You may be able to get one on ebay which was where I got mine.

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