On-the-go Baby food, Seoul

Little Z eating my share of the friend red bean bun
Little Z eating my share of the friend red bean bun

On-the-go Baby Food while in Seoul

Sometimes when you are unprepared and you just have to get food wherever and whenever, here are some tips while in Seoul:

  • Red Bean buns - Little Z loved it as it is soft bread with sweet red bean inside
  • Bakeries - You should be able to find a lot of bakeries
  • Udon - Plenty of Japanese restaurants around
  • Sushi - you can find them at most convenience stores
  • Banana - Yes, your reliable banana from Emart or convenience store
Fresh red bean buns
Fresh red bean buns

Next Steps...

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2 thoughts on “On-the-go Baby food, Seoul”

  1. Hi! Travelling to korea next week with a 1 yr old…
    I have been googling shinsegae dept store where u got ur yummimeals… but several of them pop up! Which one? What specific address?we are staying at Benikea the M hotel… hope to hear from u soon ?

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