Supermarket Baby Food in Seoul

Supermarket baby food Seoul
Korean Baby snacks!

Supermarket Baby Food in Seoul

Seoul's local supermarkets were Emart and Lotte Mart.

I did visit both supermarkets to stock up on Little Z food snacks. He loved the biscuit wafers and round cookies. They have other snacks and food such a porridge too but I only got the snacks for consumption in Seoul. For main meals, I stuck to the gourmet baby food. I also bought rice seasoning and quick porridge mix to bring back home to try out when back in Sydney.

Supermarket baby snack Seoul
Supermarket shelf of Baby snacks!
Ready made baby food supermarket Seoul
Baby Food - rice seasoning
Korean baby porridge supermarket Seoul
Baby Food - rice porridge

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For more baby food tips while travelling in Seoul, visit my Baby food page!

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